CanSat Kit for Education (CaKEd)

Cansat Kit for Education (CAKED) is a cansat kit designed for school students aged 10 to 18 years. It is a fully functional satellite kit that allows you to witness the satellite launch on-board our  launch service  (HAB) in real time. Data collected from the mission and the integrated board of CAKED can be used for various other Analytics and IoT projects.

KidKEd (JetPack)

JetPack is an activity kit based on a fun and play approach with a detailed module. The multidisciplinary module consists of science, art & craft, literature, and mathematics that was developed by referring to Modul Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak by the Ministry of Education. The content covered 4 topics – Literacy (Intellect), Math & Science, Social Development, and Psychomotor/Sensory.

Space Competitions

Annually, SpaceIn will be conducting Space Competitions to engage and select brilliant young minds of Malaysia. We believe that we can find the next Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar in our country.