SpaceIn Sdn Bhd and Planters International Join Forces to Revolutionize Reforestation Efforts with Satellite IoT Solutions

[LANGKAWI, 24 MAY 2023] – SpaceIn Sdn Bhd, a spin-off company of Universiti Sains Malaysia specializing in small satellite manufacturing and Satellite IoT services, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Planters International Bhd, a leading conservation entity dedicated to forest landscape restoration and sustainable forest management. This partnership aims to harness the power of satellite IoT technology to enhance reforestation initiatives and environmental monitoring.

SpaceIn Sdn Bhd will serve as a key technology partner for Planters International Bhd, providing innovative satellite IoT solutions designed specifically for reforestation projects. By collecting critical data on factors such as temperature, humidity, and soil moisture in reforestation areas, these solutions will enable efficient monitoring and adaptive management of the projects. This environmental data will empower Planters International Bhd to make informed decisions and drive sustainable outcomes.

One of the primary advantages of Satellite IoT is its ability to provide seamless connectivity even in remote locations. This feature will greatly facilitate the monitoring and managing reforestation efforts, ensuring that resources are deployed effectively, and conservation goals are met. Additionally, the application of satellite IoT can also be extended to wildlife monitoring, enabling comprehensive ecosystem management.

As the first step of this collaboration, SpaceIn Sdn Bhd will conduct extensive testing of Ground Sensor terminals to ascertain their connectivity and efficacy within the conservation areas operated by Planters International Bhd. These tests will ensure that the satellite IoT solutions are fully optimized for the unique requirements of the reforestation projects.

In line with their commitment to the environment, SpaceIn Sdn Bhd will manufacture and launch a dedicated constellation of satellites, with reforestation applications taking centre stage as a priority mission. This constellation will bolster Planters International Bhd’s efforts in monitoring and preserving forests, supporting their overarching goals of forest landscape restoration, forest management, and sustainable conservation practices.

SpaceIn in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia and Malaysia Amateur Radio Transmitter Society (MARTS), will launch their technology demonstration satellite in October 2023 via Falcon 9, Space-X in California, USA. The satellite named SpaceANT-D, is stored inside an Alba Orbital’s deployer and will be deployed once it reaches orbit. Alba Orbital is a PocketQube deployer service provider in Glasgow, Scotland. SpaceIn was one of the winners in the SUPERB accelerator program offered by TERAJU,  a strategic Bumiputera affirmative action agency established in 2011 under the Prime Minister’s Department.  The winning grant secured was utilized to fund the development of SpaceANT-D.

Dr. Norilmi Amilia Ismail, CEO of SpaceIn Sdn Bhd, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Planters International Bhd to revolutionize reforestation efforts using satellite IoT technology. By combining our expertise in small satellite manufacturing and IoT services with Planters’ commitment to conservation, we aim to create a more sustainable future for our planet.”

Prof M Sadruddin, Chairman of Planters International Bhd, commented, “The collaboration with SpaceIn represents a major leap forward in our mission to restore and manage forests sustainably. Satellite IoT solutions will provide us with invaluable insights and connectivity, enabling us to implement data-driven strategies for reforestation and wildlife conservation. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will bring.”

The collaboration between SpaceIn Sdn Bhd and Planters International Bhd signifies a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable reforestation and forest management. By leveraging cutting-edge satellite IoT technology, this partnership aims to drive positive environmental change and contribute to preserving our planet’s precious resources.

About SpaceIn Sdn Bhd: SpaceIn Sdn Bhd is a spin-off company of Universiti Sains Malaysia, specializing in small satellite manufacturing and satellite IoT services. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, SpaceIn aims to revolutionize various industries by harnessing the power of satellite technology.

About Planters International Bhd: Planters International Bhd is a leading conservation entity focused on forest landscape restoration, sustainable forest management, and the conservation of forest ecosystems. With a wide range of expertise and resources, Planters International Bhd is dedicated to preserving and restoring the world’s forests for future generations.


Media Contact:
Dr. Norilmi Amilia Ismail
CEO, SpaceIn Sdn Bhd

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