SpaceIn assisted USM Space Lab (USSL) to conduct a CanSat Workshop

28 August 2022- “Every new generation must rewrite history in its own way.” ~ Robin G. Collingwood, an English philosopher, historian, and archaeologist.

SpaceIn has assisted USSL in conducting a CanSat workshop for secondary students. This workshop aims to instill knowledge of the satellite and its applications and expose them to the satellite development cycle. The CanSat workshop participated by 4 schools; SMK Sri Kurau, Perak, SMK Gunung Semanggol, Perak, SMK Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin, Kedah, and SMK Sungai Acheh, Penang.

The teachers and students learned the satellite technology and its application in the first session of the workshop. During the second session, they learned to assemble the CanSat and code the satellite using the Arduino platform. They also perform a test on GPS and made their own parachute for safe landing of the CanSat.

All students and teachers were excited about the launch of CanSat using Drone. Each of CanSat has been given two attempts to launch the CanSat and at the same time, they will record all the data and their observations. Then the student is taught to analyze and interpret the data.

SpaceIn and USSL would like to thank all parties who involve directly or indirectly in ensuring the success of this workshop. We hope the workshop has achieved its objectives to ensure that all participants gain valuable knowledge from the workshop, especially in satellite technology.

We are open to conducting such a workshop for any parties, do contact us for more information.

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