SpaceIn, Elliance and Wondernica To Collaborate on Satellite IoT

Nibong Tebal, Penang – SpaceIn is proud to announce that they will partner with Elliance and Wondernica to develop Satellite IoT (Internet of Things).

This collaboration aims to establish collaboration and explore opportunities to integrate IoT satellite-based systems. The collaboration included supporting and enriching the research activities, marketing IoT satellite-based systems and training.

The global internet of things (IoT) market is projected to grow from $478.36 billion in 2022 to $2,465.26 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 26.4% in the forecast period. The IoT technology functions as a global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services to interconnect things based on existing and evolving communication technologies. IoT has been transforming the modern agriculture industry. The global agriculture IoT market will reach $63.68 billion by 2030, growing by 14.1% annually over 2020-2030, owing to emerging technological advancements and an increasing number of government initiatives for IoT applications in agriculture.

Through this collaboration, industries not limited to agriculture, such as logistics, oil & gas, and terrain surveillance, to name a few, would be great benefactors of Satellite IoT. These industries frequently traverse and operate in less-populated areas, therefore making them the best recipients of such innovative technology. These industries are vital to the growth of the country’s economy, thus, an improvement in their operating activities would certainly bring about an increase in productivity, allowing Malaysia to prosper with such benefits.

“SpaceIn is developing the small satellite manufacturing ecosystem to reduce the current cost of satellite services. The collaboration with Elliance and Wondernica will contribute to the development of this ecosystem. We hope to have more SMEs in the supply chain of small satellite manufacturing in the future” said Dr Norilmi Amilia Ismail, the CEO of SpaceIn Sdn Bhd.

This collaboration between SpaceIN, Elliance and Wondernica has been honored to receive the endorsement of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

“The adoption of IoT is one of the key focus areas outlined in the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (12MP), as part of the nation’s journey towards economic recovery and growth as a high-tech nation. The widespread adoption of IoT in Malaysia not only promotes efficiency by harnessing the power of digitalisation, but also creates new digital economy sectors for local companies to thrive in.

“Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is committed towards accelerating IoT adoption as part of our Malaysia Digital aspirations towards empowering Malaysians to play a leading part in the global digital revolution. Both Elliance and Wondernica were participants of MDEC’s Investor Matching and IoT Pilot programmes, and we are proud that they are partnering with SpaceIn to drive further innovation in the sector. MDEC will continue working closely with these innovative companies and other industry partners in our goal towards building Malaysia as a digital nation,” said Mahadhir Aziz, CEO, MDEC.

To conclude, SpaceIn hopes that with this tri-partite collaboration, the space technology and IoT industry will proliferate and provide more job opportunities in the relevant field.

SpaceIn Sdn Bhd is a spin-off company of University Sains Malaysia. SpaceIn aspire to spearhead the space exploration activity in Malaysia; SpaceIn believes in the liberty of space discovery through low-cost and commercially accessible technologies. Amongst its activities, SpaceIN mainly focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of small satellite systems, as well as supplying educational kits relating to space education.

Elliance Sdn Bhd specializes in providing Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) customized systems and solutions. Striving to provide top- notch, cutting-edge, fully customized technologies to their customers, Elliance is dedicated to providing the best solutions to their customers’ problems.

Wondernica Technologies Sdn Bhd has its business ventures invested heavily in designing and manufacturing IoT, wireless communication, and electronic devices. Known for its versatile products and technologies in Agricultural and Environmental sectors, Wondernica is well-equipped to take their next step into the space sector.

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