CAKED : The Pilot Project

On 14thSeptember 2020, Spacein has started to embark its journey on the cansat development. To date, we have assembled a fully-funtional cansat, customized for various range of ages. In most developed countries, cansat were used as a miniaturized satellite to enable the space education among children.

The so-called pilot project was our participation in the World Space Week 2020 campaign organized by SpaceVio. SpaceIn has introduced the Cansat (Malaysia) Competition among Malaysian schools and Higher Educations in the National LEvels. Besides to present the homegrown Cansat Kit for Education (CAKED) which is fully built by Malaysian graduates, this involvement aims to spread the space education awareness among the school children and also to give exposure on cansat to the school children.

For your information, CAKED has been developed in three different modules and it differs according to age group. This cute cansat can be utilized as a teaching aid, be it as a Technology and Innovation purpose or simply in a science or maths classes. Embedded with a simple programming through Arduino IDE, we believe this cansat can help the school children to explore beyond their four walls classroom.

Upon the end of our pilot project, winners of the cansat competition will be able to experience a travel to the stratosphere! This is to ensure that the original purpose of building a satellite is met as our tagline goes : Your gateway to space. Satellites are meant to be operated and tested at the space environment. Hence, launching the cansat through our High Altitude Balloon (HAB) platform will help to give more impact to the students’ experience.

Now, SpaceIn CAKED is ready to take you to space! Hit us up, for more information.

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